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Personalized Care and Guidance

Multi-Specialty: Our Services

General Health

Checkups and Doctor Recommendations

You deserve the best advice for healthy living and our medical doctors are well experienced to guide you in the right direction towards living the life you deserve.

Weight Management and Diabetes Reversal

Change your lifestyle for a better life

Our professional team is here to guide patients and their families through every step of the medical journey. Our intensive weight loss program is easy to implement into your daily routine and has amazing results and an outstanding track record.


Here For You

Our clinical cardiologist will provide in house support for any problems regarding your heart and blood vessels. Special procedures and interventions can be identified and addressed professionally, accurately, and expediently.

Functional Medicine

Target the root not just treat the symptoms

Our doctors understand that treating the symptoms does not cure the underlying diseases, We will target the root cause and achieve reversal and cure the real problems our patients have.

Internal Medicine

Quality Care

Our internists are well trained and experienced in guiding adults for their healthcare.


Here For You

A psychologist could be a useful tool for your mental health. Whether you have anxiety, phobia, stress, panic attacks or other behavioral problems our psychology team can help you.

Multi Specialty Network

Excelling in a happier and healthier you!

Here at Community Physicians Medical we offer the best to our patients by giving our patients access to alternative medicine and other specialty services. We have access to offices for specialty referrals, physicals, labs and x-rays. We make sure that our patients never feel the stress of finding quality care outside of our facility.

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